Neuromarketing World Forum 2014

On January 19, 2014
The world’s leading, most innovative neuromarketing professionals will meet in New York City on March 5-7, 2014 for the 3rd edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum. The event will bring together business and academic thought leaders from around the world who are dedicated to understanding consumer behaviour through neuromarketing research. Attendees who http://www.neuromarketingworldforum.comgather in New York for the event will learn, debate, and move the marketing research industry forward through the lens of this year’s theme: Consumer Connection.
It will address the changing nature of consumer behavior and practical solutions based on Neuromarketing to capitalize on these changes, as better insight in consumer emotions can change the way we do business and bring a serious competitive advantage. The annual event will feature presentations covering subjects like:

  • how consumers perceive and value brands with evidence from brain imaging;
  • how to create synergy between messages in a multimedia landscape;
  • how to integrate qualitative and quantitative data to account for consumer behavior for the most accurate portrayal of the decision making process;
  • how neuromarketing principles changed the way companies interact with their patrons;
  • subconscious cognitive mechanisms used by consumers;
  • neural pathways and the path to purchase;
  • how you create the strongest imprint on long-term memory;
  • understanding the purchase drivers for men and women, and how they impact the entire product experience;
  • how neuromarketing companies gather emotional insight into consumers and optimize ad effectiveness;
  • what does the future hold in this hyper growth industry.


Hosted by the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, the Neuromarketing World Forum will provide 3 days of value to 350 participants.
Program participants will be given the ability to pick and choose seminars that correspond to their areas of interest throughout the Forum, starting with an introductory seminar “Introduction to Neuromarketing” for everyone new to the topic. Additionally, the forum will host the first ever Neuromarketing Marketplace, a space to learn about the newest neuromarketing technologies and neuromarketing buyers and sellers can interact.
The event will feature speakers wel known in the field of neuromarketing: Antonio Damasio (University of Southern California), Read Montague (Human Neuroimaging Laboratory, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute), Ale Smidts (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University), Carl D. Marci (Innerscope Research), Horst Stipp (ARF – Advertising Research Foundation),  Andrew Baron (University of British Columbia), Angelika Dimoka (Temple University), Abigail Rendin (Olson Zaltman Associates), Bernd Weber (Centre for Economics and Neuroscience, University of Bonn), Caroline Winnett (BrandNeuro), Chip Walker (Young & Rubicam), Christophe Morin (SalesBrain), Daniel B. Yarosh (Estee Lauder Companies), Elissa Moses (Ipsos), Graham Page (Millward Brown), Leon Zurawicki (Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Massachusetts-Boston), Martin de Munnik (Neurensics), Mathieu Bertin (Synergy Marketing, Inc.), Mihkel Jäätma (Realeyes), Peter Leimbach (FOX Sports), Phil Barden (Decode Marketing Ltd), Pranav Yadav (Neuro-Insight, Inc.), Rafal Ohme (NEUROHM), Rana el Kaliouby (Affectiva), Richard Silberstein (Neuro-Insight), Russell Winer (Stern School of Business, New York University), Samira Khamlichi (Wafacash), Steve Genco (Intuitive Consumer Insights LLC), Stephanie Fried (Discovery Communications), Steven Sands (Sands Research), Thomas Ramsøy (Copenhagen Business School, Neurons Inc.), Tomasz Marszałł (PKO Bank Polski), Gemma Calvert (Neurosence), Mirjam Broekhoff (Neuromarketing Theory & Practice), Carla Nagel (Neuromarketing Science & Business Association).
More information on: Register today to gain a big advantage over your competitors.
After attending the 1st Neuromarketing World Forum (February 2012, Amsterdam – check pictures) and the 2nd Neuromarketing World Forum (March 2013, Sao Paolo – check pictures), I recommend all readers that are interested in neuromarketing to attend this event.
Will you be there? :)

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