Neuromarketing Seminar in March 2014

On January 18, 2014
Steve Genco, Phil Barden, Stephen Sands and Thomas Ramsøy, top neuromarketing practitioners, will led a 1-day introduction to neuromarketing seminar that will help you connect the dots between science and practice, aiming to explain in clear and concise terms why neuromarketing has become such a compelling topic for marketers, advertisers, and market researchers alike. The seminar is organized for marketers, advertisers, market researchers, and everyone else who want to understand the real story behind neuromarketing and how it can help them make better business decisions. This will be an intensive learning day designed to give you the tools you need to understand and leverage neuromarketing in your business or organization. Discussion and Q&A will be encouraged throughout the day.
The event will take place on 5th of March 2014 in New York, at Millennium Broadway Hotel (145 W 44th Neuromarketing-for-dummiesSt, New York, NY 10036, United States). More info HERE.
As a takeaway, each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion, a free copy of the best-seller Neuromarketing for Dummies and a workbook containing class materials and study notes. Last year’s introductory seminar in Sao Paulo was sold out! So register now to ensure your spot.

Check the exciting agenda of the seminar below:

Time Topic Speaker
9:00 Introducing the intuitive consumer

  • Focus on differences from rational consumer model
Steve Genco
9:30 The brain machinery behind consumer response

  • Explanation of novelty, familiarity, processing fluency and priming
Steve Genco
10:10 Break
10:35 Intuitive Consumers

  • New science of attention, emotion, memory, and goals
  • Key variables of neuromarketing, conscious and nonconscious variants
Steve Genco
11:30 Re-envisioning decision making and consumer choice

  • From brain processes to choices and behavior
  • Introducing judgment heuristics into the mix
Steve Genco
12:15 Lunch
1:00 Understanding the spectrum of neuromarketing methodologies

  • When to use which methodology?
  • An overview of strengths and weaknesses of 6 approaches
Steve Genco
2:00 Improving Brand Equity

  • Implicit response metrics focusing on better branding
  • Illustrating case studies by Decode Marketing, Ltd.
Phil Barden
2:45 Break
3:10 TV Ad Effectiveness Redefined

  • EEG, eye tracking for Commercials and TV ad effectiveness
  • Case studies from Sands Research
Stephen Sands
3:55 Attention and Emotional cues Applied in Retail

  • In-store retail optimization
  • Case studies by Neurons, Inc.
Thomas Ramsøy
4:40 Review / Debrief / Q&A All
5:00 Networking Cocktails

  • Combined networking drinks with Neuromarketing CEOs
  • Optional post-cocktails dinner

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