JNPE (Volume 5, Number 1 & 2)

On July 9, 2012

JNPE Volume 5, Number 1 & 2

This is the latest issue (Volume 5: Number 1 and Number 2) of the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, that I have just received by mail. The journal is quartely published by the Educational Publishing Foundation of the American Psychological Association (http://www.apa.org) and eited by Daniel Houser (George Mason University, USA) and Bernd Weber (University of Bonn, Germany). The Association for NeuroPsychoEconomics also organizes the annual event: NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference (read about the 2012 conference here).

This issue’s research includes:

Volume 5, Number 1:
Limbic and prefrontal activity during conformity and violation of norms in a coordination game (pages 1-17) (Purchase PDF)
Authors: Hodgson, Timothy L.; Guala, Francesco; Miller, Tim; Summers, Ian
Cognitive demands of the workplace (pages 18-37) (Purchase PDF)
Authors: Hunt, Earl; Madhyastha, Tara M.
Towards an externalist neuroeconomics: Dual selves, signs, and choice (pages 38-61) (Purchase PDF)
Authors: Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten

Volume 5, Number 2:
Authors: Riedl, René; Javor, Andrija
Authors: Shapiro, Gilla K.; Burchell, Brendan J.
Embodiment in judgment and choice (pages 104-123) (Purchase PDF)
Authors: Reimann, Martin; Feye, Wilko; Malter, Alan J.; Ackerman, Joshua M.; Castaño, Raquel; Garg, Nitika; Kreuzbauer, Robert; Labroo, Aparna A.; Lee, Angela Y.; Morrin, Maureen; Nenkov, Gergana Y.; Nielsen, Jesper H.; Perez, Maria; Pol, Gratiana; Rosa, José Antonio; Yoon, Carolyn; Zhong, Chen-Bo
Food for thought? Trust your unconscious when energy is low (pages 124-130) (Purchase PDF)
Authors: Bos, Maarten W.; Dijksterhuis, Ap; van Baaren, Rick

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