New NMSBA Representatives Around the World

On February 4, 2015
Carla Nagel, Director of NMSBA

Carla Nagel, Director of NMSBA

Neuromarketing Science & Business Accosiation has just celebrated 3 years since it’s official launch during the 1st Neuromarketing World Forum in Amsterdam.

The association already has over 800 members all around the world (NMSBA is currently active in 85 countrie) and some of the members (38) are the ambassadors of NMSBA in their own countries. Each national chairperson knows his/her way within the association and is the spokesperson for local debates around the neuromarketing discipline. The local chairs are elected by the members in their country for a 3-year term. Also, the association has a new board (voted by the members):
Congratulations to everyone! Below is the updated list of Local Chairs and their pictures (so many friends on this list!) on the wall of the NMSBA office in The Netherlands, and NeuroRelay is present here through me, the new and enthusiastic local chair for Romania (Monica Olteanu):


Country First Name Last Name Term
PERU Liliana Alvarado 2014-2017
MALTA   Adrian Attard Trevisan 2013-2016
EL SALVADOR Fernando  Basagoitia  2015-2018
JAPAN  Mathieu Bertin 2015-2018
GUATEMALA Lorena Bin de Galvez 2014-2017
FRANCE Etienne Bressoud 2015-2018
COSTA RICA Silvia Campos Esquivel 2014-2017
SPAIN Antonio Casals 2014-2017
AUSTRALIA Joseph Ciorari 2015-2018
UNITED KINGDOM Cristina De Balanzo 2015-2018
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Fatima el Khatib 2015-2018
PANAMA AlejandroJ. Fernandez  2015-2018
SWEDEN Johanna Fyrbjörk  2013-2016
TURKEY Yener Girisken  2015-2018
RUSSIA Oleg Klepikov 2014-2017
FINLAND Jarkko Kotola 2013-2016
CANADA Diana Lucaci  2015-2018
PORTUGAL  Jose Paulo Marques dos Santos  2015-2018
POLAND Michał Matukin 2015-2018
VENEZUELA Walter  Mucchiut 2013-2017
NETHERLANDS  Carla Nagel 2015-2016
BRAZIL Billy Nascimento 2015-2018
SINGAPORE Kian Ng 2014-2017
SWITZERLAND Bart Norré 2014-2017
ROMANIA Monica  Olteanu 2015-2018
BELGIUM Arnaud Petre 2015-2018
INDIA Anil Pillai 2014-2017
DENMARK Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy 2015-2018
ECUADOR Eduardo Reinoso 2013-2016
COLOMBIA Luis Fernando Rico 2015-2018
MEXICO  Jaime Romano  2015-2018
SOUTH KOREA Rei Ryou 2014-2017
ARGENTINIA Alejandra Salviccio 2015-2018
CHINA Ruihong Tang  2015-2018
ITALY Arianna Trettel 2015-2018
LUXEMBOURG Marc Van Rymenant 2015-2018
CROATIA Maja Vujičić  2013-2016
GERMANY Bernd Weber 2015-2018

I am sure everyone is looking forward to contribute to the worldwide developments of neuromarketing in the next years.

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