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My name is Monica Diana Olteanu (Bercea) and I am a neuromarketing enthusiast. I earned my PhD degree in September 2014 after 3 years of research in consumer neuroscience. During my studies I explored consumer behavior using EEG, but I am also familiar with fMRI and eye tracking. I also have a bachelor degree in Computer Science, a master degree in Software Engineering and a master degree in Marketing and Business Communication (where I also conducted neuromarketing research). I am happy to share the neuromarketing news on my blog at NeuroRelay.com and I am grateful to Neuromarketing Science & Business Association for the opportunities I was offered by meeting most of the worldwide neuromarketing researchers and influencers from both academia and business side. I aim to contribute to the worldwide development of neuromarketing and to share knowledge with other enthusiast practitioners in order to keep breaking the neural code of consumer’s decision making.

About NeuroRelay
I started this blog in January 2012 and since then I shared the important moments in the development of neuromarketing research. Depending what you are interested in, you may read blog articles written in English or Romanian language. Also, besides the interesting articles, you may find useful information such as:

I hope you enjoy reading the blog, feel free to contact me anytime.

2 Responses to “About”

  • Good afternoon
    I am a student of the master in management of marketing at the University of guadalajara and I’m currently developing my thesis; the theme that I am developing is current and never be had developed at the University in which current I am studying and the information that is available in Mexico is little or null. My thesis topic is “process of adaptation and implementation of the INSIGHTS of NEUROMARKETING to the consolidation of smaller SMEs in GUADALAJARA of new creation to two years in the commercial SECTOR of the jewelry industry”
    and looking at EBSCO found that you get a Conference:
    Taking the press of the market:
    a consumer’s decision-making algorithm using insights
    from neuromarketing research
    I would love to quote it and precentar results in a contest at the national level
    but only EBSCO information comes the abstract, would be so kind to send me the full article.
    Enchanted you shipping the finished thesis.
    Thank you for your understanding
    I await your response

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