Neuromarketing World Forum 2015

On January 4, 2015
The world’s leading, most innovative neuromarketing professionals will meet in Barcelona, Spain on March 25-27 for the 4th edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum. The event will bring together business and academic thought leaders from around the world who are dedicated to understanding consumer behavior through neuromarketing research.
Hosted by the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, the Neuromarketing World Forum will provide 3 days of value to its participants.
Participants will be given the ability to pick and choose seminars that correspond to their areas of interest throughout the Forum, and the event will feature speakers well known in the field of neuromarketing, as you may find below:
MARCH25 – Interactive Pre-Conference activities:

  • Neuromarketing Leaders Meeting: for everyone with experience in Neuromarketing. The Neuromarketing Leaders Meeting is the once-in-a-year opportunity to exchange ideas and meet up with the peers. Consumer Insights Professionals from the client side are also welcome to enrich the discussions. The meeting is especially for: VP Consumer Insights / CMO’s with a certain amount of experience as neuromarketing buyer / use; CEO’s of Neuromarketing Industry; Academics related to Neuromarketing.
    • Global Trends in Neuromarketing
      – Worldwide developments
      – Outlook for market research and neuromarketing in particular 2015-2020
      Carla Nagel – Executive Director NMSBA
    • What CMO’s Want
      The NMSBA partnered with the Chief Marketing Officers Council to research the knowledge and demands of CMO’s on neuromarketing.
      – Knowledge about neuromarketing at the global marketing departments
      – Biggest challenges and opportunities
      Leon Zurawicki– Professor of Marketing, University of Massachusetts-Boston
    • Speed Dating Among Participants
    • Neuro Against Smoking: Project Findings
      Results of the very first international collaboration in neuromarketing on evaluating “Anti Smoking Warnings” on cigarette packages
      Michal Matukin – Scientific Director, NEUROHM
      Carla Nagel – Executive Director, NMSBA
    • Nielsen Neuro: An Inside Look
      The challenges and the progress since the acquisition of NeuroFocus
      – Industry-wide barriers to growth
      – Identifying opportunities to increase adoptions and widespread use of neuro
      Joe Willke – President, Nielsen Neuro
    • International Cooperation
      Round Table Discussions
    • Love isn’t in the air (but in the heart)
      The brain vs. the body: a critical comparison of EEG vs. physiological emotion measuring techniques.
      Jaime Romano – Founder and CEO of Neuromarketing S.A. de C.V.
    • Accreditation and Certification: New Standards in Neuro
      An introduction to the process of the new accreditation process the NMSBA will launch as a quality mark for companies in the field of neuromarketing. Presented by the new NMSBA Board.
    • Client Side Views
    • Bringing Neuroscience Mainstream
    • Round Table Discussions
  • Seminar “Introduction to Neuromarketing” – Full day master class as an introduction to neuromarketing theory and the implications for business. While the rest of the conference offers simultaneous translation in Spanish, the master classes on the first day are offered in an English and a Spanish version.
    • Neuromarketing Fundamentals
      – What is neuromarketing?
      – Neuromarketing methodologies
      Bernd Weber, Director Center for Economics and neuroscience at the University of Bonn, Head Business Unit NeuroEconomics at the Life&Brain GmbH
    • Understanding Advertising through the Brain
      – Brain mechanisms of persuasion
      – Neural focus groups predicting advertising success
      Ale Smidts, Professor of Marketing Research, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
    • Practical Examples of Market Research with Consumer Neuroscience 
      – Opportunities for better consumer understanding
      – Business cases
      Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, Head of Center for Decision Neuroscience at the Copenhagen Business School / CEO of Neurons Inc.
    • Applying Neuromarketing to the Creative Process – A practical, results-oriented afternoon for brands, shopper marketers, agencies, and advertisers. Based on actual studies conducted in neuromarketing for branding, packaging, in-store, and advertising, Michelle and Caroline walk through a strategy for successfully applying neuromarketing to the creative process.
      Examples of creative success due to neuromarketing:
      – Visuals and details
      – How the process worked –client actions for success
      – The creative process and agency buy-in- Neuromarketing techniques for the creative process with example studies from: EEG, fMRI, Eye tracking, Implicit Response Testing, Voice intonation analysis
      – Interactive creative/innovation session where we will in real time create a package design using neuromarketing insights.
      Examples will be used from Caroline’s and Michelle’s experience working with clients in a variety of segments. Michelle will focus on the way PepsiCo incorporating these types of testing methodologies; highlighting publically presented examples she has used while at PepsiCo. She will also highlight work done by other clients to amplify the creative process (including campaign positioning, and all aspects of 360 degree marketing content.
      Michelle Adams – Founder, Marketing Brainology
      Caroline Winnett – Founder, BrandNeuro
  • Neuromarketing World Forum 4 Students
    • Introduction to Neuromarketing
      Neuromarketing applies insights from neuroscience, psychology, market research to better understand and predict consumer behavior. Within this introductory, different neuroscientific methods, like fMRI, EEG and eyetracking will be introduced and discussed together with basic insights into the brain networks underlying consumer choices.What are the brain mechanisms underlying the valuation of products? How are they influenced by external cues like labels, brands or advertisements.
      Bernd Weber, professor cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging, University of Bonn
    • Practical Examples of Market Research with Consumer Neuroscience
      Examples of Neuromarketing in Business
      – Business Career Opportunities
      Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, Head of Center for Decision Neuroscience at the Copenhagen Business School / CEO of Neurons Inc.

MARCH26 – Neuromarketing World Forum

  • Best Practices Emerging from Global Scale Consumer Neuroscience
    – Types of information the brain can process fluently
    – Design elements that might distract from the message
    – Types of imagery that appeals to consumers
    Michael Smith – Director of Industry Relations, Nielsen Neuro
  • Winning the Super Ad Bowl Using Integrated Neuroscience
    – Expanding the model for understanding emotional engagement with TV advertising
    – Moving closer to a definitive neurobiology of advertising engagement
    Carl Marci Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Innerscope Research, Inc.
  • The Biometrics and Effects of Humor in Media
    – Effects of Humor in Media
    – Practical examples where humor serves and where it goes wrong
    Duane Varan CEO, MediaScience® & Professor of Audience Research
  • How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing
    – The business case for creativity
    – The need for better understanding the ‘how’ of advertising and branding\
    Douglas Van Praet, marketing consultant and author of Unconscious Branding
  • Why is Creativity So Important for Advertising?
    – Does it increase attention?
    – What else does it do?
    – Can it be measured?
    Robert Heath Associate Professor of Advertising Theory, University of Bath School of Management
  • Welcome to Barcelona!
    – Facts and figures about neuromarketing in Spain
    – Presentation of the Neuromarketing Yearbook
    Carla Nagel  Executive director NMSBA
    Antonio Casals Mimbrero  Local Chair of Spain, NMSBA
  • The Emotional Impact of Sound vs. Visuals in Advertising
    – The role of music, visuals and words to drive emotions from advertising
    – How to inject emotions into your briefs and campaigns
    Elissa Moses – EVP,  Neuro and Behavioral Science Innovation Centre, Ipsos
  • Get High On Emotions
    Create Ads With Impact
    – Beyond entertainment and surprise: how to obtain real connections
    – Higher-order emotions that serves customer loyalty
    Rafal Ohme Founder NEUROHM
  • The Neuro Journey of an Ad Guy
    One of the most creative advertising people from the Netherlands, spent a whole year to learn the consequences of neuromarketing for advertising creatives. From end-result comparison to front-end advice.
    Wim Ubachs – Creative & Strategy Director – Het ei van Ubachs (The egg of Ubachs)
  • Subconscious Drivers To Inspire More Effective Briefs And Communications
    What every marketer should know about behavioral economics
    Nick Southgate, Behavioral Economics Consultant at the U.K.’s Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

MARCH27 – Neuromarketing World Forum

  • The Neuroscience of Effective Storytelling
    – How the brain processes stories and how this is helping your brand
    – Maximasing the impact on lasting brand memories
    Sarah Walker – Global Neuroscience Practice Director, Millward Brown
  • How to Predict Social Media Success
    – Fueling social media performance wit facial expressions analysis
    – Human emotion meets big data – the ultimate emotional intelligence for marketers
    – Lessons for more engaging video content
    Mihkel JäätmaCEO, Realeyes
  • The Creative Brain and Advertising (In)Effectiveness
    – How creativity can be enhanced
    – Factors that reduce the effectiveness of otherwise highly creative advertising
    Richard Silberstein – Chairman Neuro-Insight Pty. Ltd.
  • Tropicana’s Tone of Voice
    – The success of PepsiCo´s Tropicana launch in Turkey powered by neuromarketing
    Osman DilberNCB (Non-Carbonated Beverages) Marketing Manager, PepsiCo
    Yener Girisken – CEO, Thinkneuro
  • Practitioner’s Point of View: Fostering Creativity by Neuroresearch
    – Next step: the why of measured emotions
    – The impact of different media environments on the message
    Tadeusz Zorawski – CEO, Universal McCann Poland
  • Neuro Market Place
    Your one-stop-neuromarketing-shop
    During lunch the stage is filled with 5 minute speed pitches of neuro vendors, in the hall vendors will present better and innovative ways to help you to understand your customer and prospects.
    – Learn more about neuromarketing technologies
    – Listen to the 5-minute pitches
    – Learn about the newest technologies
  •  Breakout Sessions:
Turner Broadcasting Testing Emotional Engagement and Advertising Effectiveness
– How Argentinians, Mexicans and Brazilians respond to TV commercials in different TV genres
– Most efficient position of commercial breaks according to fMRI measurements
Pablo Verdin – Global Head of Research, Turner Broadcasting (a Time Warner Company)
Marc Rothuizen – Owner, Neurensics Latin America
The Selection of Neuromarketing Tooling
Doing the research:
– What to select and how to start
– ROI of different methodologies
Peter Hartzbech – Founder/CEO, iMotions A/S
Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy – Copenhagen Business School / Neurons Inc.
The Moltex Case
Using neuromarketing to validate human-centric marketing strategies 
Dr. María López – CEO of Bit&Brain Technologies, a spin-off company of the University of Zaragoza
How Consumers Process TV Commercials
Insights into brain responses to different execution styles
– Differences in neural processes evoked by functional and creative executions
– How the combination of these processes is related to ad effectiveness
Linda Couwenberg – PhD Candidate, Rotterdam School of Management, EUR
Neuromarketing: Unlocking a Fabric’s Comfort Level
– Testing the sense of touch
– The effects of different fabrics on feelings, emotions and sales
Angelica Micallef Trigona – Chief Marketing and Operations Officer, AAT Services Ltd.
Language is claimed by creativity
– Language as the main obstruction in delivering the message
– Routes of creative thought
– Effectiveness of thoughtful messages
Nora Sarmiento Prüter, Psychologist University Konrad Lorenz, Colombia and CEO investigator at Mindcode Group Latin America
Keynote Speaker to be Announced

Social gatherings:
Opening Reception: March 24
Tapas Party: March 25
Exclusive Dinner in Casa Batlló: March 26
Bye bye drinks: March 27
More information: Register today to gain a big advantage over your competitors.
After attending the 1st Neuromarketing World Forum (February 2012, Amsterdam – check pictures), the 2nd Neuromarketing World Forum (March 2013, Sao Paolo – check pictures) and the 3rd Neuromarketing World Forum (March 2014, New York – check pictures), I recommend all readers that are interested in neuromarketing to attend this event.

Will you be there? :)

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