Insights from the Neuro Retail Revolution 2013

On October 15, 2013


The Neuro Retail Revolution is organized by the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) – a global trade association for those involved in the emerging field of neuromarketing in cooperation with POPAI and the first edition of the event has just taken place in Amsterdam.
MarketingDirecto attended the event and shared some insights that were discussed during the event. Below you can watch some videos (many thanks to MarketingDirecto):
Phil Barden (Decode Marketing and author of Decoded, the science behind why we buy) – Neuromarketing: consumer insights from the brain. What is neuromarketing and how can retailers profit?

Steve Genco (co-author of Neuromarketing for Dummies) – When Consumers’ Brains Go Online
Neuromarketing has been applied only in limited ways in the online world.  In part, this is because the Internet presents many unique challenges for brain science research that don’t appear in more passive marketing contexts like TV.  In this presentation, Dr. Genco (pioneer in the field of neuromarketing) will show how these challenges revolve around the goal-directed and interactive nature of online vs. traditional media. This difference means that many of the lessons marketers — and neuromarketers — have learned in TV advertising have to be reexamined when consumers’ brains go online.

Michelle Adams – Irrational behavior and shopper’s choice (Shopper insights from the unconscious)

S. Koornstra (Heineken) & L. Hogeveen (Hypotheker)

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