Dissecting Heineken’s Successful Ads with Neuromarketing

On August 13, 2013
thedateheinekenHeineken‘s ad campaigns in the recent years have increased their sales effectively, as they have built their own intrinsic signature style which sticks in your head, according to AdNews.
Neuro-Insight investigated this aspect using neuroscience and presented what we can learn from Heineken.
Advertising effectiveness needs to be proven by solid brand effects, sales results & profitibility. The Heineken campaigns of recent years have been credited in driving a 5.3% increase in sales in 2012. The Neuro-Insight analysis is based on ‘The Date’ TV commercial, particularly with respect to how well consumers responded to the well-integrated Heineken Branded moments throughout all of these executions. Memory encoding proves advertising effectiveness and identifies consumer behavior and the higher the level of memory is – particularly during specific branded moments – the more successful the communication will be. With this in mind, here’s a brief explanation of what exactly is going on here. In the video below, the red line represents Memory Detail, where the brain encodes specific details of the advertisement, such as a voiceover, a fact, or a URL; the blue line is Memory Global, where the brain takes in the ad as a whole, rather than specific details. The higher the line, the stronger the memory encoding. Our target for important moments (eg. messaging, branding) is 0.70 and higher!

One of the common features of Heineken ads is the way the brand is intrinsically linked to the storyline. The way a bottle of Heinenken appears on a tray, being served by a waiter, is a reliable feature of the brand across the ‘Legendary Journey’ campaign. Neuro-Insight reports that these brand signatures can be a powerful trigger that drive stronger levels of memory encoding. Not every branded moment achieves peak levels of memory, but many of the branded moments do hit 0.70 or higher. This is the key criteria for success in a TV commercial. The final sequence is crucially important. The end ‘cheers’ scene between the couple with a Heineken (being a re-trigger moment) leading into final branding performs well, by achieving strong levels of memory. Great storytelling appears to consistently deliver a significant financial payback to advertisers, managing to open the doorway to memory for brands to walk through – explicitly & implicitly.


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