Erik du Plessis: Emotions, Moods and Brands at MARKA 2012

On August 9, 2013


Erik du Plessis (Chairman at Millward Brown South Africa, neuromarketing specialist and author of The Branded Mind and The Advertised Mind) talked at MARKA 2012 Conference in Istanbul with an audience of 1200 people.
During the presentation, Erik du Plessis broke two myths: (1) Neuroscientists have proven that rational is out and emotional is in! (2) Marketers convince / persuade people to buy brands that they don’t need.
From Freud (1890) until Damasio (1995), it was believed that emotions are the decision-makers. Damasio is the one that made a distinction between rational and emotional, and stated that emotions interfere with rationality and they are the input for rationality. The brain also records how we feel about things and situations.
In defining an emotion, Erik du Plessis stated that:

  • it is a biological reaction in the brain (lymbic system)
  • it is a reaction to something outside the body
  • it initiates attention
  • motivates a “towards” or “away from” reaction
  • it happens before conscious thought
  • it is an input to conscious thought
  • the reaction can be overridden by conscious thought

Interested to find out more about this and how this relates to brands? Just watch the video below:

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