Neuro Retail Revolution 2013

On June 28, 2013


Retailers and brands do everything they possibly can to satisfy the consumer. Is that really necessary? How can this be improved? The upcoming market of neuromarketing research can now offer many more amazing insights and practical improvements (in fact new ones each day) for brands and retailers throughout the entire world.

POPAI and the NMSBA, two leading international sector representatives that operate and share knowledge in dozens of countries, are joining forces to present new know-how and insights: on the 3rd and 4th of October, Amsterdam will host the international conference Neuro Retail Revolution. During the first day, the focus will be on the actual stores (shopper insights from the brain) and the second day will be devoted to online stores (neuromarketing insights for internet and webstores).

“It will not be a scientific programme about how the brain works. We want to give retailers and brands practical tips for achieving improvements. Tips that can be implemented right after the conference! Neuromarketing is a unique and valuable addition to the current marketing mix. And perhaps the most crucial one for the coming 10 years.”, say the organizers.

Revolutionary highlights

Shop and buy

  • What kind of differentiations does our brain make between pre-store and in-store? How do we translate this into a brand or store?
  • Neuro insights about impulsive buying behaviour
  • More than 20 concrete ‘quick wins’ for packaging, displays and promotion materials

Online surfing and buying

  • ‘Secrets’ about pricing and how it influences our online buying decisions
  • Conversion-lifting neuro insights
  • Why do consumers leave your site without settling the content of their cart?

Here’s the agenda:


09:15 Opening by Master of Ceremonies
Leo van de Polder, General manager Popai Benelux (NL)
09:30 Irrational behavior and shopper’s choice
Shopper insights from the unconscious
Michelle Adams, Founder & President at Marketing Brainology (USA)
10:10 Neuromarketing: consumer insights from the brain
What is neuromarketing and how can retailers profit?
Phil Barden, MD of decode marketing ltd. Author of ‘Decoded, the science behind why we buy’ (UK)
10:50 Interview:
How neuromarketing insights leaded to better understanding of our customers
11:05 Short Break
11:20 The Pre-Store and In-Store Brain
Similarities and differences you can leverage across points on the path to purchase.
Stephen Sands, Owner Sands Research (USA)
12:00 Shopping Center Drivers
True motives behind visits to shopping centers
Rafal Ohme, Founder of NEUROHM LLP (PL)
12:40 LUNCH
13:45 Game: gut feeling challenge
15 great examples of commercials, ads, new products and product designs that were tested with neuromarketing research. Let’s check your gut feelings and find out if your gut feeling directs you to the right decisions.
14:30 Better understanding of POS decisions
Arnaud Petre, CEO, Brain Impact neuromarketing (BE)
15:00 Neuro findings on Food & Soft drinks
Improve sales with small differences in product placements and promotions.Shopper experience mystery is unveiled. Impacts of the shelf design promotions and product placements on your customers’ brains are discovered with neuro measurements. The measurements are done at the heart of the experience, in the store, where the moment of truth is realized. Dr. Yener Girişken is explaining in-store do’s and don’ts. After this presentation, the participants will have  idea in depth mainly about the shelf positioning at the supermarkets. Yener Girisken, Managing Partner, ThinkNeuro Neuromarketing (TR)
15:30 Break
16:00 Neuro packaging
23 Neuro tips for packaging, displays and promotion material
Martin de Munnik, Partner Neurensics (NL)
16:30 Enhancing the consumer experience in the luxury segment
Business case about the application of neuromarketing insights to raise the instore service level and consumer experience
Karin Glattes, Director Undernehmenkunde (DE)
17:00 Social Event
Drinks, Dinner & Networking with the international Retail & Neuromarketing Industry
22:00 End of the day


10:00 When Consumers’ Brains Go OnlineNeuromarketing has been applied only in limited ways in the online world.  In part, this is because the Internet presents many unique challenges for brain science research that don’t appear in more passive marketing contexts like TV.  In this presentation, Dr. Genco will show how these challenges revolve around the goal-directed and interactive nature of online vs. traditional media. This difference means that many of the lessons marketers — and neuromarketers — have learned in TV advertising have to be reexamined when consumers’ brains go online.
Steve Genco, Steve Genco is a pioneer in the field of neuromarketing and co-author of Neuromarketing for Dummies (Wiley, 2013) (US)
10:45 Conversion lifting Neuro Insights
Do’s and don’ts in online advertisement
Guy Redwood, Founder, SimpleUsability (UK)
11:15 Interview global online marketing & advertising mgr
Better conversion with the application of neuromarketing insights
11:30 NeuroPricing® – Setting prices that please the brain
This case study will present was conducted for “Automaten Seitz“. Kai-Markus will draw from both Pricing Psychology / Behavioural Economics and Neuromarketing.
Kai-Markus Mueller, CEO, The Neuromarketing Labs (DE)
12:00 Social Media Neuromarketing
Social Media has fast become the most powerful way to build an audience, create brand loyalty and make sales. Here’s how and why.
Sara Fay, Founder, Whitematter Marketing (UK)
12:45 LUNCH
13:45 Live A-B Test (supported by neuromarketing)
20 great examples of online and social media campaigns that were tested with neuromarketing research. Let’s check your gut feelings and find out if your gut feeling directs you to the right decisions.
14:30 The future is Omnichannel
Retailing in 2020What are the current trends that will impact on how we shop in 2020? What will multichannel retailing affect how we find, choose and select products? How do retailers an brands need to respond to these changes?Siemon Scamell-KatzThe Kernel, Walnut (UK)
15:00 Break
15:45 Optimize the design of your webpage with neuro findings
Crucial design tips: colors, placement, online offers and text.How does your customer feel while surfing in your website? What is the impact of location of the images? What are the most effective words in the offers? Neuro web measurements give answers to these questions with your customers’ brain waves. Eda Ocak is giving design tips on how to enhance the emotional connection with the website and to effect conversion rates.Eda Ocak, Partner, ThinkNeuro (TR)
16:15 Wrap-Up: what retailers can learn from in-store and online brains?
Leo van de Polder, General Manager, POPAI Benelux (NL)
Carla Nagel, Director NMSBA (NL)
16:45 End of the day


You can win an all-inclusive VIP visit to the Neuromarketing World Forum 2014

Amongst the attendees to the Neuro Retail Revolution the organizers will raffle out:


  • Sign up to the Neuro Retail Revolution in Amsterdam
  • Only 2-day visitors are eligible for the raffle

So what are you waiting for? REGISTER NOW!About the NMSBA: The goal of NeuroMarketing Science & Business Association is to create a bridge between science and practice in the area of neuromarketing. The association was established in the beginning of 2012 and by now, it operates in more than 45 countries. The NMSBA has its own quarterly professional journal, digital newsletter and its annual highlight is the Neuromarketing World Forum.

About POPAI: Popai is the only shopper marketing organization at Retail in the Benelux (it too operates internationally, in 44 countries) that is non-profit. Using its knowledge and skills, it operates in the total playing field of the “consumer & shopper journey”: from smart phones up to the display; in the food and non-food sectors in Retail.

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