InfluenceOlogy interview with Roger Dooley on Neuromarketing

On January 17, 2013
Influenceology_with_RogerDooleyInfluenceOlogy (Roberto Monaco) posted yesterday an interview with Roger Dooley (founder of Dooley Direct LLC, author of Brainfluence, author of the most popular blog on Neuromarketing: NeuroscienceMarketing and of the new blog Brainy Marketing hosted by Forbes). Their talk shared a lot of resources and neuromarketing insights for any business. Roger Dooley uses a broad definition of neuromarketing: any use of our understanding of how our brains work in improving our marketing, sales and advertising.You may watch the video below if you wonder:
1. What is Neuromarketing?
2. Why should we be considering our customers’ brain when marketing and selling?
3. Are you selling to 5% or 95% of your customer’s brain?
4. How is neuromarketing different from traditional ad psychology?
5. Is it ethical to use brain based marketing?
6. What are the quick strategies that you can use right away? (the effect of currency symbols and pictures on people’s behavior, the effect of type fonts used in your website or copywriting, perceptions of commas and zeros in pricing and how to present the price in order to seem lower)

Thank you, InfluenceOlogy, for sharing this!

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