The Brain is an Exclusive Club

On July 3, 2012

In terms of attention, the human brain is an exclusive club. In order to interact effectively with your customers, you have to consider that their brains must constantly process large amounts of more or less complex information. It can only carry out a limited number of tasks at a time, so they select the most relevant info in a flexible way, based on their needs. Right now, your brain has decided that you should focus on this text, and mentioning this surely made you aware of it.

Neuroscience research states that out prefrontal cortex governs attention and determines what information is to be given priority and which cognitive resources are needed to analyze this information and eliminate distractions. Of course, certain situations require a detailed analysis of the stimuli you’re facing and so a variety of brain areas come into play, depending on the type of stimuli (visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory or tactile) or the need to focus on the location of certain objects in our environment.brain

Neuromarketing techniques allow us to determine which parts of the message or ad attract attention and “turn on” the brains of your clients and, of course, which elements make them feel bored, frustrated, or just make them chose to direct their attention elsewhere. The insights provided by these techniques are the key enter the exclusive club of your customer’s brain.

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