Christophe Morin: Neuromarketing Ethics

On May 15, 2012
The first Neuromarketing World Forum 2012 (Amsterdam) gathered around 100 people interested in neuromarketing from an academic or business point of view, from top neuroscientific researchers to commercial parties that discussed the key challenges and opportunities of using neuromarketing tools to enhance and add value to market research.
Thanks to Neuromarketing Science & Business Association, this is the third released video material of the Neuromarketing World Forum 2012 (the first one included the presentation of Professor Richard Silberstein on Messages to the long-term memory of the audience, and the second one was Dr. Stephen Sands on Recording Brain Waves at the Supermarket). Below you can find Christophe Morin‘s (CEO and co-founder of SalesBrain) presentation (on Neuromarketing Ethics) from this event:

Christophe Morin had a great presentation on neuromarketing ethics and the privacy of thoughts, providing information on the protocols and ethical guidelines. He also presented how it is possible to reconstruct visual experiences from brain activity. He discussed ethics and protection of subjects, protection of insights and protection of youth. He stated that ethics involves explaining protocols (E), treat with respect (T), honor privacy (H), instill trust (I), condemn stealth ads (C) and safeguard youth (S).

Cristophe Morin

Neuromarketing Books

Cristophe Morin

Reconstruct Visual

Cristophe Morin


Cristophe Morin

The Effect of Ads

Cristophe Morin

Neurobiological Models

Cristophe Morin


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