SalesBrain Webinar: Engage and Excite the Brain with Stories to Grow Sales

On May 1, 2012

Tim Keelan (CEO and Founder of StoryQuest) hosted an exciting presentation on how stories can drive your sales and excite the Reptilian Brain, where Christophe Morin (CEO and Co-Founder of SalesBrain) presented useful information for any executive.

This 30 minute session (that you can watch below) introduces you to basic neuromarketing rules and shows you valuable tips you can start using immediately to radically improve your 2012 marketing and sales strategy.

Christophe Morin has spent many years developing the concept of Neuromarketing — studying the effect of various stimuli on the brain and what that means in the business world. Beyond just stories, the whole SalesBrain approach is very powerful. It offers great insight into what is most effective in reaching the “reptilian” or decision making brain (based on research examples).

I would like to note some important insights that Christophe Morin shared with us on the effect of stories on the brain:

  • Story is more powerful than brand.” (Tom Peters)
  • “People don’t want more information. They are up to their eyeballs in information. They want faith – faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell. … Story is your path in creating faith.” (Anne Simmons)
  • Your goal should be not to market, but to neuromarket!
  • In order to seduce the brain, you need to craft a message that is very friendly to the limbic system, the middle brain or the reptilian brain, which together will then excite the rest of the brain and trigger the process of rationalization.
  • Inviting people to a story is very pleasing to the older brain structures, as stories are proving that you are treating people as a friend. Therefore, they are triggering trust, satisfaction and increased attention.
  • At the beginning, the story should emphasize the pain, the challenges, as they are triggering more activity in the brain than if you start with the positive aspects of the story. He recommends to use a limited number of benefits that highlight the value provided and close by showing how much relief a customer can feel, from the initial pain.
  • Visuals can tell a story in a much more powerful approach.
  • Don’t tell a story without an emotional cocktail with it!
  • Make the story as personal as you can. Provide details.
  • A customer’s story proves the past. The six stimuli can review the impact of the story to the brain.

Christophe Morin also presented their book Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain (by Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin) and SalesBrain’s model Neuromap – the world’s first neuromarketing model (you can read more about the model in an earlier post – there you can also check what particularly stimulates the reptilian brain).

You have below the recording of this webinar:

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