News from My Message in Your Brain 2012 Neuromarketing Conference

On April 27, 2012

The final preparations for My Message in Your Brain 3, The International Conference on Neuromarketing, are being made. Because of the broadening demand, this year they are going international. Frank Schurink interviewed the speakers, and you can watch below the videos.

Influencing Brand Related Behavior
All communication around brands have the intention to influence brand related actions. Usually, the intention is to ‘buy my brand related products’. A simple intention that has one major problem: the brain of the receiving person has to cooperate. So what happens in that brain while you communicate is really interesting and even more so if you get tools to work with it. By the way, your behavior as a brand owner is brand related as well and it might have more influence on the process than you think.

Keynote Speaker Dr. David Rock to open conference via HD streaming video
David Rock will open the conference live from the USA through HD streaming video. He he is one of the pioneers in making the new neuroscience knowledge practical and useful in day to day business. Currently he is CEO of The NeuroLeadership Group and coaching many of the great companies worldwide.

Interview David Rock“Minimizing danger is massively more important for the brain then maximizing reward.”
David Rock (NeuroLeadership Group) is speaking on the Wisdom 2.0 Conference about the basics he describes in his book ‘Your brain at work’, being interviewed by Stuart Crabb (Head of Learning at Facebook). At My Message in Your Brain 2012 conference, he will take some of these items and put them in the context of marketing and advertising.
Dr. David Rock  coined the term ‘NeuroLeadership’ and co-founded the NeuroLeadership Institute, a global initiative bringing neuroscientists and leadership experts together to build a new science for leadership development. He co-edits the NeuroLeadership Journal and heads up an annual global summit. He is the author of 4 books including the 2009 business-best-seller ‘Your Brain at Work’. David is also the founder and CEO of the NeuroLeadership Group a global consulting and training firm with operations in 24 countries. Academically, David is on the faculty and advisory board of Cimba, an international business school based in Europe. He is a guest lecturer at universities in 5 countries including Oxford University’s Said Business School, and on the board of the BlueSchool, a new educational initiative in New York City. He received his professional doctorate in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University in 2010.
Program items for MMIYB2012: Have your Brain in Mind

Interview Aartie Rambaran Mishre“FaceValue is an editing tool to edit the emotions of commercials.”
Aartie Rambaran Mishre is a strategic marketeer at Panteia/IPM. Her aim is to bring innovative research techniques and tools into practice. Currently, she is one of the driving forces behind FaceValue, a new facial coding technique introduced by IPM. The analyzing method developed by IPM, reveals the unconscious emotions of consumers in a practical way and is used for advertising campaigns and strategies.
Program items for MMIYB2012: Facial Coding meets EEG
Interview Margriet Sitskoorn“Manipulation: We try to use it for the good.”
Margriet Sitskoorn is specialized in the plasticity of the brains. She will talk about the powers of the brain that we use to manipulate or influence each other on a daily basis.
Margriet Sitskoorn is professor of clinical neuropsychology at the University of Tilburg. They analyze the relationship between brain and behavior. In addition to her scientific work she writes columns for several popular science magazines and she is working on various television programs. Previously published books “The malleable brain”, “Long live the brain” and “Passions of the brain”.
Program items for MMIYB2012: Brainwork: The Meeting of Minds, The Passion and Manipulation of the Brain.
Interview Ale Smidts“Neuromarketing has a great future, but only if it is evidence based.”
Ale Smidts (Erasmus Research Institute of Management) is one of the first to work in the field of neuroeconomics. In the last years he has seen an enormous increase in our knowledge of the brain, but he is convinced that we’ve seen nothing yet.
Ale Smidts’s main interests are behavioral decision making, risk attitudes and persuasive communication. He is currently working in the area of decision neuroscience where he is collaborating with neuroimaging specialists from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior, Radboud University Nijmegen. He also works on emotions and financial decision making in the EU-funded xDELIA project.
His research has been published in journals such as Management Science, Academy of Management Journal, Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Letters, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Heart, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience and Neuron.
Program items for MMIYB2012: Brainwork: The Meeting of Minds

Interview Willem Verbeke “Not only the mind, but the whole body is part in your behavior.”
Willem Verbeke explains how the whole body is playing a role in our behavior.
Willem Verbeke (Institute for Sales and Account Management) is a professor of sales account management at home and abroad. Willem Verbeke is a popular speaker and coach, he has a new and enlightening perspective on the field of sales and key account management within professional organizations and knowledge intensive companies neuroscience studies therefore form a strong foundation. Willem Verbeke studied philosophy at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and a PhD in “educational psychology” at the University of Pennsylvania.
Program items for MMIYB2012: DNA, Hormones, Neuroscience and Future Behavior

Interview Roeland Dietvorst “I connect actual purchasing behavior with neuro prediction models.”
Dr. Roeland Dietvorst (Institute for Sales and Account Management) has a background in biological and cognitive psychology and obtained a PhD. in applied neuroscience at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His favorite tool is the brain scanner, his research interests are automatic/reflexive neural processes and their involvement in everyday decision making and buying behaviors. Currently he is partner at the Neuro intelligence Group, Consultant Advanced Business Solutions at GfK, and lecturer at the Institute for Sales & Account Management. Dr. Roeland Dietvorst is an inspiring speaker who keeps his listeners on the edge of their seats while taking them on a journey through the brains of the customer. His unique view on the sales process and customer experience are real eye openers. In his research Roeland determined which psychological ingredients are required to obtain commercial excellence. During My Message in Your Brain 3, Roeland will present the predictability of future behavior as they are applied to generate insights into real brand cases.
Program items for MMIYB2012: DNA, Hormones, Neuroscience and Future Behavior

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