My Message In Your Brain Conference 2012

On April 6, 2012

“Feed your brain with the latest neuromarketing insights” is the tagline of the upcoming international conference on Neuromarketing, called My Message In Your Brain (3rd edition). The event will be held on 31st of May, at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Below you can watch a short selection of moments from the 2011 My Message in Your Brain conference.

This year’s program includes the following sessions:

Creativity and the Reptilian Brain (Frank Schurink)
Creating the context for “Influencing Brand Related Behavior” – Creativity is one of the most important capabilities of human beings. Since creativity is needed for getting the most out of this conference, they will go into what creativity actually is in the brain and how to get full access to creativity.

The passion and manipulation of the brain (Margriet Sitskoorn)
Ways of influencing the brain and expected reactions – Prof. Margriet Sitskoorn is working on a new book about how manipulation works in the brain. In her lecture she will dive into the marketing implications. Since she also wrote the book The Passion of The Brain, she will give an interesting view on the whole spectrum of the brain that influences our behavior.

Looking into the emotional brain (Victor Lamme)
The neuro science of emotions and how they drive our behavior – Prof. Victor Lamme is one of the frontrunners in developing useable neuromarketing techniques and models that give us a nearly objective view on the biology of emotions and the way they influence our behavior. After just one year there are completely new developments that will probably ‘blow your mind’.

Behavioral research (Andries van der Leij) – Some new and relevant behavioral research

DNA, hormones, neuroscience and future behavior (Roeland Dietvorst and Willem Verbeke)
Prof. Willem Verbeke and Drs. Roeland Dietvorst will share their combined research on the predictability of future behavior. They used a combination of DNA, hormonal and fMRI research to generate insights in real brand cases.
The meeting of brains (Frank Schurink, Margriet Sitskoorn, Victor Lamme, Walter Limpens, Willem Verbeke)
Mutual brainstorm session
Mindfulness – How meditation influences our ability to make the right choices

Facial Coding meets EEG – The combining of techniques creates a new depth in results

New neuromarketing results – Recent fMRI research by Neurensics and Sanoma is shared for the first time.

Neuro Marketeers – Marketeers sharing their experience in using Neuro Science knowledge

The organizers are: Aprais / The Aprais Academy, Institute for Sales and Account Management, Okapi. Corporate conversations, Engaged Marketing, Neurensics, Panteia/IPM, Sanoma Media Netherlands, Tilburg University and University of Amsterdam.

As the organizers say, “There has never been a time where we could measure emotions better”. The conference sessions will keep the audience up to date with the advances in technology and what neuroscience is revealing about the inner workings of the (living) brain and its receptiveness to communication. My Message in Your Brain 3 is the third in a yearly series on brain science aimed at providing relevant insights in marketing, branding and its effect on communication.
This year’s selection of speakers brings the most recent findings within neuromarketing. Not just a ‘refresher’ course, My Message in Your Brain aims to: challenge your thinking with new developments and insights within neuromarketing; provide marketing specialists with new techniques and tools which improve communication results; and primarily to get you interested — meaning, getting into your brain as a communication specialist.

The conference costs € 375,- ex. VAT per delegate. Students pay €75,- ex. VAT.

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