Neuromarketing Workshop & Master Program

On June 28, 2015

picture 2_EEG&ETEveryone talks about neuromarketing, but we’ll tell you what’s behind all this! In order to keep up with today’s fast changing digital world, managers and researchers need outstanding competences, as traditional research and management methods alone can’t hold up to the requirements which are necessary in the digitalization process.
Neuromarketing Manager at Hamburg Media School
This autumn marks the start of the new Neuromarketing Master program that offers its participants an overview of different technological applications is based on the award-winning Neuro MapTM and deepens the knowledge on the four-step process which helps to create and deliver powerful messages to consumers. The underlying neuromarketing model of this program received several awards including the prestigious 2009 “Next Big Thing in Marketing” award by the American Marketing Association. Participants will learn to scientifically capture, convince and close in the digital world with new perspectives.
This innovative education program Neuromarketing Manager at Hamburg Media School features a team of international lecturers which are all renowned experts in their fields. For detailed information have a closer look at
Aiming at preparing participants to deal with the digital challenges successfully by learning to adopt neuroscientific approaches, the offer includes either:

  • The 4-day Neuromarketing Workshop at Hamburg Media School that aims to support managers in understanding implicit processes of today’s dynamic consumer behavior. It gives participants an extensive insight into neuromarketing approaches which help to explore the consumers’ subconscious needs more deeply.
  • The 1-year program which is concluded with a qualified certificate, for those who want to gain deeper insights into neuromarketing and neurostrategy.

The program is unique throughout the world and the content is oriented towards the three-stage program and will be taught by internationally renowned lecturers, which are experts in neuroscientific fields, covering topics such as Neuromarketing, Behavioural Economics, Psycology of Neuromarketing, Neurometrics, Biometrics and Psycometrics, Neurostrategy (innovation, human resources, finance and control among others) and Social Networks. The NeuroMapTM model was implemented in more than 8,000 businesses around the world and more than 60,000 managers and 8,000 CEOs were educated. The NeuroMapTM illustrates the exemplary application of neuroscientific insights to the business world. It is globally leading in the field of neuromarketing and neurosales and can be applied to various challenges in management and research. The participants will gain general and specific neuromarketing and neurostrategy skills.

picture 3_four steps
The program is designed for professionals, students and researchers from all fields of management, marketing, communication, advertising, public relations or other areas which neuromarketing can be applied to. It aims at delivering the essential knowledge, global vision and competences in the field of neuromarketing for managers, researchers and entrepreneurs to succeed in a demanding market with competitive pressure. It also provides an improvement and enhancement of their existing knowledge and supports their professional career.
Reserve your seat now!
I am enthusiastic about being part of the program as a lecturer and I encourage any reader interested to learn more about this emerging field and to apply today, as registration for this program is open and until 31st July there are special early bird rates and conditions for participants:

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