Neuromarketing Yearbook 2015

On April 15, 2015


I recently received the Neuromarketing Yearbook 2015 published by Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA). This publication is included in the membership to NMSBA or in some subscription types for Neuromarketing Theory & Practice Magazine. The Neuromarketing Yearbook delivers a full overview of news and insights from the Neuromarketing industry, with business cases summaries of the latest scientific findings.

This year’s edition included a wide variety of business articles, science articles and interesting readings that are focused on new tools and the technology that changes everything around us.

Top worldwide companies included their own case studies and research results of neuromarketing studies, such as:

  • The Zero Moment of Memory (True Impact Marketing)
  • Beyond Bread and Butter – Advanced Packaging Through Neuroscience (Kochstrasse and Life&Brain)
  • Reducing Fear in Advertising Shelter Pets (Nielsen)
  • Influencing Subconscious Behavior by Music and Lightning in a Restaurant (Consumatics)
  • How Can We Be Sure Our Ad Concept is Going to Sell? (Neurensics)
  • Can Neuro Tools Stop Market Share Loss? (NEUROHM)
  • Re-evaluating the Role of radio in the Media Mix (NeuroStrata)
  • The Use of Psychometric and Biometric Tools in Real Estate Projects (Neuro Tracking)
  • The Eye-Tracking Evaluation of Outdoor Advertising on Highways (Brain&Research)
  • Comparing Print and Tablet Newspaper Reader Behavior (Neuro-Insight UK)
  • What makes an Ad Legendary (Thinkneuro)
  • Concept Optimization Through Matching Category and Brand Neuro-Psychological Goals (Decode)
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Innovative New Media Format for TV advertising (Innerscope)
  • Improving Recycling Habits at Work (Mind Lab International)
  • Effects of Pre-Exposure to Advertising on In-Store Behavior (Neurons Inc.)
  • The Impact of Good and Poor Customer Service on our Minds and Bodies (Neurosense)
  • Evaluating the Perception of Flavor (Neuromarketing S.A. de C.V.)
  • Optimizing the Neuromarketing-based Communication Process (BusinessXcel)
  • Psychological Segmentation and Eating Personas (DervalResearch)

The academic research is also featured in this issues, with focus on the following:

  • An Investigation of the EEG Correlates Associated with Viewing Alcohol and Drug-related Behaviors on Social Media (Prof. Joseph Ciorciari; Brain & Psychological Sciences Research Centre Swinburne University of Technology)
  • The Neuromarketing of Wine Preference (Dalia Bagdziunaite, Dr. Jesper Clement, Dr. Thomas Zoega Ramsoy; Center for Neuroscience, Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School)
  • Your Brain on Movie Trailers (Maarten A.S. Boksem; Rotterdam School of Management)
  • The Contributions of Neuromarketing in Marketing Research (Khalid ait Hammou)

Other interesting articles include:

  • Four Facts about Decision-Making That Will Improve Conversion Rate Optimization (Jeremy Smith)
  • Do Twitter and TV Shrink Your Brain? (Roger Dooley)
  • Take the Bias Out of Strategy Decisions (Freek Vermeulen)
  • Three Consumer Loyalty Lessons From Coffee Companies – Only One Is Good (Roger Dooley)
  • You’ll Market Better and Be More Persuasive Knowing These 10 Brain Facts (Thai Nguyen)

The yearbook also lists in the business directory all the worldwide companies that currently offer neuromarketing services. This list includes 42 countries and 119 companies. Do you want to have access to this information? Order the 2015 Neuromarketing Yearbook TODAY!

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