“Neuromarketing Theory & Practice” Magazine – Issue No. 7

On January 3, 2014

DSCN2836Neuromarketing Science & Business Association has published recently the 7th edition of “Neuromarketing Theory & Practice Magazine”. You can find below some of the news and information from this issue:

• Interview with Brian Knutson, scientist and leading professor at Stanford University in the field of neuroscience, talks about the development of research in the connection between emotional experiences and brain activity, but also about his work and how he and his team are working on predicting choices based on people’s affective reactions using arousal and valence. Watch below more about his work on the science of desire:

• Proving a new discipline, with Neale Martin (Founder of Sublime Behavior Marketing, Professor at Kennesaw State University and author of Habit: The 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore), who highlights the main concerns of the growth of neuromarketing as a field of research and how over-selling and under-delivering pulls the field back.
• Case study: fMRI research conducted by Neurensics helps marketing mortgages and consultancy services by answering questions like How much will a client be willing to pay for advice about his mortgage? or Which arguments would justify this expense?
Professor Richard Silberstein (Chairman of NMSBA Board) announces that Neuromarketing Science & Business Association introduces corporate accreditation, an important step for scientific validation of any neuroscience-based methodology companies offer.
• Neuromarketing for Evidence-Based Design – Dr. Regina W. Y. Wang (NMSBA member and Director of D-Pal: the Design Perceptual Awareness Lab) offers some insights on how combinations of certain colors impact customers’ attention, emotion and memory.
First Neuro Retail Revolution (3-4 October 2013, Amsterdam) gathered over 100 participants from both retail and neuromarketing industry who enthusiastically exchanges ideas on the application of neuroscience in retail environments. The magazine presents some of the big ideas from the event.
Erik du Plessis (Chairman of Millward Brown South Africa and author of The Branded Mind) and Neville Pitts (researcher and lecturer at University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa) talk about exploring background feelings and offer a closer look at hunger and music, answering questions like Can advertising make people more aroused and can this be measured? or Can advertising make people hungry and can this be measured?
• Book review of Neuroelectrical Brain Imaging Tools for the Efficacy of TV Advertising Stimuli and their Application to Neuromarketing (authors: Giovanni Vecchiato, Patrizia Cherubino, Arianna Trettel and Fabio Babiloni).
Virtual instore research using fMRIJean-Bastien Voisin, specialist in virtual reality and Arnaud Petre (director of Brain Impact), experimented the feasibility of using 3D-simulations in an fMRI scanner, creating a new tool for neuromarketing research.
• In the research update section, Haley Yarosh (Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale School of Medicine / Olin Neuropsychiatric Research Center) explains how preference is developed in an article entitled Picking without choosing: Neural activity reveals preferences without choices.
Understanding signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in EEG recordings – an important methodological challenge for EEG data collection and analysis. The article explains what SNR is, why it matters, how it can be reduced and what buyers need to know in order to understand how SNR is being handled in research.

This and more insights you will find in the latest issue of Neuromarketing Theory & Practice Magazine. This is the only publication in the world that is covering news and insights from the neuromarketing industry, interviews with leaders from the field, and covering relevant research from consumer neuroscience and neuro economics. This magazine is the result of the efforts made by the Director of the association (Carla Nagel), the editorial board (Fabio Babiloni, Phil Barden, Neale Martin, Rafal Ohme, Anna Thomas, Leon Zurawicki) and NMSBA members and contribuitors. Congratulations to Mirjam Broekhoff (Chief Editor) for her work and high standards, I am looking forward to the next editions and developments!

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Earlier Issues: Issue 1 (April 2012), Issue 2 (July 2012), Issue 3 (November 2012), Issue 4 (January 2013), Issue 5 (April 2013), Issue 6 (September 2013).

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