“Neuromarketing Theory & Practice” Magazine – Issue No. 11

On February 1, 2015


Neuromarketing Science & Business Association has recently published the 11th edition (January 2015) of Neuromarketing Theory & Practice magazine and you will find below some brief  news and information from this issue:

  • Neale Martin interviewed Erik du Plessis in an article entitled Accidental Iconoclast, where he talks about his professional experience and what drove him to write The Advertised Mind: Groundbreaking Insights Into How Our Brains Respond to Advertising (book review here) and The Branded Mind: What Neuroscience Really Tells Us about the Puzzle of the Brain and the Brand (book review here)
  • Book review of Introduction to Neuromarketing & Consumer Neuroscience (author Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, published in 2014), reviewed by Monica Diana Olteanu.
  • Dr. Adrian Attard Trevisan, Angelica Micallef Trigona, Betram Farrugia, Frederick Attard and Nicole Caruana present a case study entitled How Fabrics Affect Consumers. Based on a study using HD EEG, the authors identified which materials were associated with the test subjects (in terms of comfort), showing that neuromarketing studies can be conducted in order to identify the suitable materials in order to design new products.
  • Anil V. Pillai offers an overview on the development of neuromarketing in India in the article entitled Of India, Markets and Neuroscience.
  • Simone Oude Luttikhuis presents Neuro Against Smoking, an international cooperation for the greater good that was first discussed during the 2014 Neuromarketing World Forum in New York. This is a probono study on warning messages on cigarette packages that involved researchers from different parts of the works and over 20 NMSBA members. This is the largest international neuromarketing research ever performed.
  • Haley Yarosch offers details about the Neural Signatures for Social Empathy and presents a neuroscience study that identified that different people can synchronize functional brain activity when they assume a similar psychological perspective.
  • Carla Nagel presents the members that volunteer in order to develop NMSBA and neuromarketing research and offers a perspective over the milestones achieved during the past three years: Neuromarketing WOrld Forum, quarterly jounral Neuromarketing Theory & Practice, NMSBA Code of Ethics, Neurotalend of the Year competition, lauch of the first event for the retail industry, outline criteria for corporate accreditation, Neuromarketing Yearbok, lauch of a more membership-oriented website that allows networking for members, Neuromarketing business online directory, first cooperative pro bono study Neuro Against Smoking.
  • Michael St. Germain presents in the article entitled The Eye of the Beholder a tool called NeuroVision that allows researcher to predict what parts of an image or video a viewer will automatically look at. The creator of this tool is Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy.
  • This issue also shares a some tips with its audience: The Secrets of Conference Finance, from the experience of organizig the events.

This and more insights you will find in the latest issue of Neuromarketing Theory & Practice Magazine. This is the only publication in the world that is covering news and insights from the neuromarketing industry, interviews with leaders from the field, and covering relevant research from consumer neuroscience and neuroeconomics. This magazine is the result of the efforts made by the Director of the association (Carla Nagel), the editorial board (Fabio Babiloni, Phil Barden, Neale Martin, Rafal Ohme, Anna Thomas, Leon Zurawicki and Anil V. Pillai) and NMSBA members and contributors. I am looking forward to the next editions and developments!
Earlier Issues: Issue 1 (April 2012), Issue 2 (July 2012), Issue 3 (November 2012), Issue 4 (January 2013), Issue 5 (April 2013), Issue 6 (September 2013), Issue 7 (December 2013), Issue 8 (April 2014), Issue 9 (July 2014), Issue 10 (October).

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