Branding the Nation: Neuromarketing and the Super Bowl (eBook Review)

On February 5, 2014
branding the nationLast Sunday (2nd of February) took place the most important event brand in American sports history: Super Bowl. Exceeding 100 million American viewers and more than 200 worldwide, it promises a show consisting of a football game between two best teams, remarkable commercials, entertainment and a bond, as it makes people meet and spend time together. It is estimated that a third of super Bowl viewers watch merely to see the commercials, so advertisers pay huge amounts of money for airtime during the game. This is why challenge is not just between the football teams, but also between the commercials of the biggest companies and the reactions they create.
With this occasion, Dr. Felix Philipp Lutz shared with us insights on how to use Super Bowl event and ads as a template for our own marketing, providing neuroscience-based facts that support his statements. Presenting the neurobiological and neuroanthropological features of branding, his e-book Branding the Nation: Neuromarketing and the Super Bowl: the Great American Pow Wow includes many advices and explores in detail this event which has become a national roundtable. Lutz couples anthropological aspects of football with new neurobiological discoveries, relating our bodies’ neurotransmitters to our beliefs and behaviors.
The author helps render marketers successful in any and all brands as he explains the two most important elements of branding a product or service. “Football, with its very own history and mythology is an ideal example of how a neuro-anthropological approach works,” says Lutz. His eBook considers human values, patterns of behavior and, most importantly, the composite histories, myths and stories of the sport or brand. After reading this practical guide, you will get more ideas on how you can build successful brands, so enjoy it!

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