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On November 15, 2013
bannerAs many of you ask me where you could find neuromarketing courses or academic programs, this is your chance to enroll for free to an online course (on Coursera) that will introduce you to the multidisciplinary field of consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing. I cannot wait myself for this course to start.
The instructor is one of the leading scholars and practitioners in consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing: Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy (Neuromarketing Science & Business Association Local Chair of Denmark), PhD in Neurobiology, Certified Neuropsychologist & Assistant Professor in Marketing & Neuroscience, Head of the Center for Decision Neuroscience, Department of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School, and Head of Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance at Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre. His focus employs atzramsoy vast array of neuroscience and neurophysiology methods to understand decision making, including fMRI, EEG and eye-tracking. He studies consumer decisions both in healthy and aberrant conditions, including pathological gambling and compulsive buying disorder.
The course will go through to the basic concepts of the human brain, the elements of the consumer mind, how it is studied, and how its insights can be applied in commercial and societal understandings of consumer behavior. Independent on your background, you will be well equipped to understand the basics of human decision making, and the role of the brain in this process. This course further offers a good understanding of how the triangulation of economics, psychology and neuroscience is employed to understand consumer behaviour and communication effects, both from an academic and a commercial perspective. The course further allows you to better understand how today’s society affects the brain of the consumer, from marketing to abnormal conditions. This will equip you to discuss whether companies and society alike could or should employ these insights to affect consumers.
In order to enroll, click here and add the course to your watchlist!

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  • Ever since a 3T MRI system was installed in 2005 to study the colors of conversion, we’ve been studying what makes people “pull the lever”. We agree there is a science behind the convince-able and influential ‘seeds of thought’ that leads a person to convert.

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