JNPE (Volume 6, Number 2)

On September 21, 2013

jnpe6_2This is the latest issue (Volume 6: Number 2) of the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics (you can also read about previous issues: Volume 5 – Number 1 & 2, Number 3, Number 4; Volume 6: Number 1). The journal is quartely published by the Educational Publishing Foundation of the American Psychological Association and edited by Daniel Houser (George Mason University, USA) and Bernd Weber (University of Bonn, Germany). The Association for NeuroPsychoEconomics also organizes an annual event: NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference.

Usually, topics in this journal may include (but are not restricted to):
– Biological basis of economic preferences and personality (e.g., genetic, endocrinological, or neurophysiological)
– Interaction of environmental and biological factors in the formation of preferences, personality, and cognitive skills
– Application of neuroscienctific measures to improve our understanding of individual and group decision making
– The role of emotion and emotion regulation in economic decision making

This issue’s research includes:
Patience, cognitive skill, and coordination in the repeated stag hunt (pages 71-96) (Purchase PDF)
Authors: Al-Ubaydli, Omar; Jones, Garett; Weel, Jaap
Variants of the Monoamine Oxidase A gene (MAOA) predict free-riding behavior in women in a strategic public goods experiment (Pages 97-114) (Purchase PDF)
Authors: Mertins, Vanessa; Schote, Andrea B.; Meyer, Jobst
The separate effects of self-estimated and actual alcohol intoxication on risk taking: A field experiment (Pages 115-135) (Purchase PDF)
Authors: Proestakis, Antonios; Espín, Antonio M.; Exadaktylos, Filippos; Cortés Aguilar, Alexandra; Oyediran, Olusegun A.; Palacio, Luis A.|
Reconciling economics and psychology on intrinsic motivation (Pages 136-149) (Purchase PDF)
Author: Bruno, Bruna

Earlier Issues: Volume 5, Number 1 & 2; Volume 5, Number 3, Volume 5, Number 4, Volume 6, Number 1.

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