Jaime Romano Micha: Neuropyramid – a framework on human decision-making

On August 13, 2013
Dr. Jaime Romano

Dr. Jaime Romano at NMWF 2013

The second Neuromarketing World Forum 2013 (Sao Paulo) gathered over 200 delegates from 22 diferent countries that share a passion for this field.
Thanks to Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA), this is the fourth video material of this year’s forum (first was Roger Dooley’s presentation on Neuromarketing applied to online marketing second was Rafał Ohme‘s presentation on How buying behavior is triggered by subtle sounds, gestures or images and third was Gemma Calvert’s presentation on The irrational idea of rational consumer decision-making).
So you can find below the video of Jaime Romano Micha (Director of Neuromarketing Mexico) on Neuropyramid: a framework on human decision-making:

Jaime Romano Micha (Director of Neuromarketing Mexico) presented a 6 step model called Neuropyramid that explains what happens after stimuli are perceived in the brain – a model of the decision making process. He talked about mental processes involved in human decision making process like attention (arousal, filtration and orientation), sensorial activation, emotion (which affects heart rate, respiration rate and depth, electroderman response, peripheral blood flow, skin temperature, muscle tone), cognition, action regulator, verbalization and the actual action, and he also presented a stimulus hyerarchy (life threatning, species conservation, personal needs or interest).Jaime Romano stated that stimuli analysis is intimately related to language, and with the rational and conscious part of our mind, being a process of dividing the whole in smaller parts in order to compare the data, and valued in terms of the good, the bad, the better – in order to make hypothesis and suppositions. On the other hand, synthesis combines and reorganizes the previously analyzed data in the light of our own needs. It joins everything together including the rational, sensorial, perceptual and emotional components in packs of holographic information. In order to find out more, watch the video above.
Next Neuromarketing World Forum will talk place on 5-7 March 2014 in New York.

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