Rafał Ohme: How buying behavior is triggered by subtle sounds, gestures or images

On April 30, 2013
Rafał Ohme

Rafał Ohme

The second Neuromarketing World Forum 2013 (Sao Paulo) gathered over 200 delegates from 22 diferent countries that share a passion for this field.
Thanks to Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA), this is the 2nd released video material of this year’s forum (first was Roger Dooley’s presentation on Neuromarketing applied to online marketing). So you can find below the video of Rafał Ohme (CEO of Human Mind & Brain Applied Research Center) on How buying behavior is triggered by subtle sounds, gestures or images:

Rafał Ohme presented in a fun way his research and a series of case studies, emphasizing the small improvements that led to succesfull campaigns and talking about central and peripheral persuasion (detected using neuroresearch) using visual or auditive stimuli. He stated that peripheral gestures impact purchase behavior, brand credibility, comprehension, and little “invisible” things draw great “visible” results. Using peripheral elements, advertisers play games with consumers’ attention because centrally, they can see and hear everything; but peripherally (subtle, indirect and implicit elements), they do not know that some details are more important than they appear.
Rafał Ohme also presented instruments used in neuromarketing research and stated that based on research, EEG is considered an emotional / engagement / relevance predictor, GSR is considered a urchase behavior predictor, eye tracking is a visual attention indicator and reaction times are predictors of implicit associations. He also talked about Davidson’s paradigm on prefrontal asymmetry how its evolution in time. The most engaging study case for the audience at the Forum was one that presented how the female brain reacts to James Bond. His research was able to detect why men and women love a certain movie scene of the Casino Royale movie (James Bond series) for completly different reasons. For more information, watch the video posted above.
Next Neuromarketing World Forum will talk place on 5-7 March 2014 in New York.

with Prof. Leon Zurawicki and Rafal Ohme

with Leon Zurawicki and Rafal Ohme

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