2013 Super Bowl Neuromarketing Advertisement Study

On March 27, 2013
Neuromarketing firm Sands Research recently released the results of its popular 6th annual Super Bowl Neuromarketing Advertisement Study.
Using its proprietary Neuro Engagement Score (NES)™, they analyzed the effectiveness of each ad and there was a statistical tie between Wieden+Kennedy’s Coca-Cola “Security Camera spot and Anomaly’s Clydesdale” for Budweiser. “Both creatives were very engaging and built an emotional connection with the viewer” stated Dr. Stephen Sands, Chairman and Chief Science Officer of Sands Research. So after 2 years of missing from the top 5 leading positions, the iconic brands of Coke and Budweiser return. Bud Light‘s Journeycame on 3rd place, and David&Goliath’s Space Babies” for Kia Motors (directed by Jake Scott, same as no. 1 Clydesdale commercial) came in 4rd. Deutsch LA’s work for Volkswagen dropped substantially (25th in the ranking) in this year’s results.  However, Deutsch LA’s “Viva Young” for Taco Bell came in 5th in the Sands Research Neuromarketing Study.
Below you may see the top 5 ads that scored as most engaging ads from 2013 Super Bowl:

Sands Research rank for 2013 Super Bowl ads

#1 Coca Cola “Security Cameras”
#1 Budweiser “Clydesdale”
#3 Bud Light “Journey”
#4 Kia “Space Babies”
#5 Taco Bell “Viva Young”
The rank and scores of 2013 Super Bowl spots are as follows:


Sands Research services cover TV & video, shopper insight, product, logo and package design including sensory testing and perform studies around the world. If you want to know more about Sands ad testing, you should   contact info@sandsresearch.com for details.

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